I love my mission

I love my mission

It has been quite the week for us! I love the last week of the transfer because it is always such a powerful week where everyone works even just a little bit harder and more miracles happen!  Satan knew it was “fire week” though and made me sick the whole week, but that most definitely didn’t stop us!  Instead we just adjusted the way we were planning on working and were able to cope with me being sick but still get a ton of things done!  We made a bunch of “conference cookies” as we called them and made little invitations to attach to each bag of cookies with the conference information. We went and delivered them to less active church members, member families, people we have been teaching, and even people we want to teach.  It was extremely successful!  Conference was right, people are so much more welcoming when you have a plate of cookies in hand haha!!!  Plus, it was the best cookie recipe I know – DOTY COOKIES (it’s a recipe from a member in Hemet!!)  They’re my favorite.

The highlight of my week was the General Conference broadcast of the Church!  I learned so much and felt such an incredible spirit!!  The spirit testified to me over and over and over again that the Lord is hastening his work.  I felt so grateful to be a part of it.  I am so blessed to be serving Him full time at such a time as this.

The question I took to conference that I really focused on was just seeking for confirmation that I had served my mission well and had been a successful missionary (of course I still have sooooo much time left though!!).  I really was needing to have the spirit testify to me that I had done enough and had fulfilled my purpose.  I received SO MANY answers, especially on Saturday, and it filled my heart so much!  A lot of my answers didn’t even come from anything said at conference.  So many instances of divine design came into play.  The first big miracle was that I randomly heard from one of my converts! He was visiting Salt Lake City and watching conference live (I’m jealous).  The message he sent to me just made me so happy and proud of him!  He’s only been baptized a couple months but he is so converted to the Gospel and is sharing it with everyone!  I LOVE IT!!!  He has such a fire and is already preparing to serve a mission!  Talk about a legacy!  I’m so proud!!!  It was such an incredible message to receive and it just made me so excited knowing that he was truly converted and was going to do amazing things in his life because of it.  It was exactly what I needed to hear.  I felt so much joy and satisfaction.  The spirit really testified to me that I was a successful missionary because I was a part of that miracle.  It was just so cool to see that of all the days he could have reached out to me and told me this, he picked Saturday, where I was really looking for confirmation that I had served a successful mission.

Throughout conference there were so many other things that reminded me of people I had worked with.  In the talks so many words of confirmation were spoken.  Then to top it all off, a miracle happened at the women’s session of conference.  A family I was really close to in Park Hill also has extended family in Perris.  They were all watching conference together in Perris on Saturday.  They had to go to the grocery store before Sunday, so between sessions they went.  But, for whatever reason, they randomly ended up in Moreno Valley.  Women’s conference was about to start so they just looked up the closest stake center and went to it. They ended up watching conference with us!!  I was so excited to see them!!!  After women’s conference I went over to talk to them.  Their little 9 year old daughter hugged me so tight and wouldn’t let go.  They had so many kind things to say about my service in their ward and just made me feel so loved!  It was yet another answer to my question.  It was so amazing!  I know that they were led to Moreno valley that night just to be the answer to my prayer.

To top the whole night off too, I went home that night to do my personal study.  I just so happened to be in Alma 26 that night.  (In Alma 26 Ammon and his brothers express their thankfulness for the many blessings they have been part of as they have diligently served the Lord as missionaries.)  As I read, I was so full of the spirit.  I knew for a fact by the end of that chapter that I have been a successful missionary and that Heavenly Father was so proud of me.  I felt just as they did where I was so swallowed up with joy, I couldn’t even express it – but I could definitely feel it.  I am so grateful that I got to read that chapter that night.
Now I am do excited for the transfer ahead of me.  I cannot believe it is my last one.  Time flies for real!!  I’m staying here with Sister Bascom in Moreno valley and we are so excited!!!  We had the most fun on the last week of the transfer!  Our district of missionaries are all great friends and one of them goes home tomorrow so we made it the best week!  We called ourselves the “Distri-Lit” haha!!  The sign we are doing I invented haha!!  It means Lit in my own sign language haha!!  Apparently in real sign language it means “I really love you” but let’s just pretend with me that it means Lit! Haha! It’s so fun!

This week we also met the sweetest horse as we were walking around.  Oh,  and we saw a rocket shoot off into space!  It was surreal!  It was such a fun and uplifting week and I cannot wait for the adventure ahead of us this week!

Love Sister Rossignoli

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