Hemet vs Fire

Hemet vs Fire

This week has definitely been a little bit different from the normal.  As some of you know, there is quite a gnarly fire over here right now, and it has just kept spreading and spreading.  Remember the pictures from the hike in Idyllwild that I sent a couple weeks ago?  That whole trial has been burned down.  So much is being lost.  It’s really sad to watch and hear about it.  Just know, that all of us are totally okay and are not in danger at all.  The fire has been moving up the mountain away from us and won’t be heading down to Hemet.

The Anza and Idyllwild sister missionaries are down here in Hemet right now to escape the fire.  They live in Anza so they were far away from the fire, but all the power in Anza will be shut off for a couple weeks.  So, until the town gets powered back up, they will be here.  It’s actually kinda fun that they are here though because I get so much more time with Sister Moffit!! YAY!! I mean it is really sad circumstances that she is here, but I am so excited to be with my best friend!!

Due to the fires and the power being out, we have been super busy providing service in the community. The whole community has been collecting donations to help the people effected and have been going there as much as they can to help.  For example, we spent a couple of hours the other day just loading horse trainers full of hundreds of packs of water. It was a lot of fun!  I absolutely love serving.  It made us feel so good to help.  We are so privileged and I need to give a helping hand whenever I can.  Even in a long sleeved dress when it was blazing hot, we helped.  It was amazing!!

Please pray that the fires get under control and know that we are totally safe and okay!

Love you guys!!

Sister Rossignoli


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