Death by polar pop

Death by polar pop

Another great and amazing week full of miracles!

I honestly love trios.  Having 2 Companions is so much fun!!  Multiple times this week I have laughed so hard my abs hurt and we cry!  Its great!!  This week we have also discovered our love for Polar Pops from Circle K (although Sister Fortin says we aren’t allowed to get any more this transfer… caffeine messed Sister Preator and I up!  But it was so fun).  I took Sister Fortin and Preator to get their first ever polar pop.  It is a huge thing among the people in our mission.  Like you have not served in the California Riverside Mission if you have not had a polar pop.  So we had to get them!!  We had so much fun!  As terrible as it may be, we work so much better when we are a little bit hyped up on Dr Pepper!  hahah it was great!

We are so excited for 6 more weeks together though!  We are so determined that this transfer is going to bring so many miracles while we are together!  We can just feel it in the air!  We really hit the ground running this week and we are excited to see the progress we continue to make!

We were able to meet with our convert of a month, Jordan, one last time this week!  It was so amazing!!  He leaves for BYU-I this week, because by an absolute miracle, he was able to change his plans and get accepted!  We were able to talk a lot about BYU, Temples, and missions.  It was so great!!  We are going to miss him for sure, but he is off to much bigger and better things!!  I love being a missionary!!!

Another great thing is that I finished reading the Book of Mormon again this week!!  I love the Book of Mormon with all my heart and I know for a fact it is true.  Moroni, the last prophet that writes in it, issues us a promise in the last chapter. Moroni says that if we read the Book of Mormon and ask of God if it is true, with a sincere heart, real intent, and faith in Christ, by the power of the Holy Ghost, he will manifest the truth of it unto us.  I took that challenge.  So, upon finishing it, I took myself to a quiet place and knelt down and prayed about it.  Following that experience, I wrote my testimony down. I have no doubt that the Book of Mormon is true and is the word of God.  So, getting back to my prayer.  The real answer to that prayer did not come till much later on in the night.  We were at a lesson with a new person that we are teaching.  We shared the Book of Mormon with her.  I was able to share such a powerful testimony with her.  As I was speaking and telling her what I felt about it, I could feel in my heart the Holy Ghost confirming to me once more the truth of this book. It was very powerful to me and a feeling I can’t really describe.  I know that the Book of Mormon is true and that it has made me who I am and has made me so much happier. I appreciate and love it so much!!

Have a great week!!!

Sister Rossignoli

sometimes when one of my companions is stressed out or something, i wear a sombrero and read the bible to them
we love polar pops

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