The beginning of the end

The beginning of the end

Wow… one more week left on my mission.  I don’t even know what to say.  I can’t believe it.  I will forever be grateful for this incredible opportunity. Wow.

This week marked the beginning of my real decline.  Real goodbyes had to be said.  I had to give my outgoing testimony.  I made plans and arrangements for my last day as a missionary.  While doing all that, Sister Bascom and I have been planning so many things that will happen after I leave and she has a new companion.  It’s crazy stuff!  I honestly can’t believe it!  It’s been a long hard week but it’s also been absolutely INCREDIBLE and full of miracles.  Sure, I don’t remember the last time I actually slept, but it’s so worth it because we have planned the most incredible last week of my mission.

A miracle that you always hear people talk about is baptizing someone in their last week.  That’s a goal everyone sets as a missionary.  I hear about so many people doing it but I never thought that I would ever have that opportunity.  Well, guess what, WE ARE!!!! MILAGROS 🙂  Everything has come together, prayers have been answered, and this Saturday we are baptizing one of my best friends. 😊  This is just the happiest news ever!!!  We are so excited.  She’s so special to me too.  I see her as my sister.  She is the same age as Lindsey which makes it so much more special to me.  It’s so cool to see someone go through the full process too.  My first day in Moreno Valley was the first day we taught her, and now my last day in Moreno Valley will be her baptism.  I’ve seen her change so much, it’s incredible!  I love being a missionary!

This week we had multizone conferences. I got to go to the mission office one last time.  It was so bitter sweet.  I cried a lot during the conference, oh my gosh!  I was so sad to hear about all the amazing things we have planned for this winter and to not get to be a part of it.  But, the peak of the sad, I had to give my outgoing testimony.  All the people going home get to speak and bear one final testimony to everyone.  I went first because I knew that if I didn’t go first I would be a crying mess.  Now, I hate crying in front of people, so bearing this testimony was quite a difficult task.  I just kept myself real tense and whenever I felt tears coming, I changed topics haha!!  Most of my testimony didn’t make sense because I was so frazzled about it.  I couldn’t believe I was actually living that moment.  For the rest of the testimonies, I sat there and bawled my eyes out too.  Haha!  My real reflection and testimony didn’t come out until after testimony meeting. President Hammon open the meeting up to ask all of us if there’s anything the Spirit taught us in the conference.  The Spirit really spoke to me for the whole meeting and answered my question.  My question coming into the conference was to know if I was a successful missionary and if I had done enough.  I shared my answer with everyone and alas, I cried a lot.  I realized that we all need to have different experiences on our mission, and that we can’t compare our missions.  We all have had different lives and have very different lives ahead of us.  Our missions prepare us for the rest of our lives.  With that in mind, of course the experiences of our missions have to be different.  We all have different trials and success on our missions.  For me, a lot of my success has not been measured the way other people measure success, but that doesn’t make me not as good or something.  For example, I’ve found success building areas and with sisters I’ve served with and through building relationships with people.  That is most definitely success to me.  It might not show all the time through numbers or baptisms, but it’s what I specifically needed.  And of course, the most important success has been though my own growth and change.  I should never discount that.  I have been an extremely successful missionary.  I have done what I came here to do.  I am so proud of myself and I know God is too.

Today, as a final pday activity, we decided to do something I love the most.  We had a taco party!!!!  It was so great!  I bought stock on mustaches for everyone too and a mini pinata.  I filled the pinata with my whole confetti collection (I’ve accumulated quite I bit on my mission).  It was so beautiful to watch haha!!  We had a blast. ….until the elders left us to clean up the mess…. it’s fine though!!

I want to leave you guys with a poem I wrote!  I am not a poet in the least, like my brother is,  but I was bored one day.  It is a new way to begin to express what my mission means to me.  So, here it is….

My mission has changed me, stretched me, and strained me,
It’s been quite the journey I’ve been called to.
Foreordained for greatness, for miracles, for majesty,
Confident I’ve done what I came here to do.
Through every second the Savior stood by my side,
Through trials, and smiles, and change.
I’m confident and bright and I know that over tried,
I gave my best and will not be ashamed.
Eternal friends have been made and my family has grown,
My testimony has been multiplied.
I brought God’s children back to their heavenly home,
I’ve planted seeds and I’ve reaped, and touched lives.
God’s word has changed my very countenance, 
My zeal, faith, and love shine more bright.
I know my potential and I’ll trust in God’s plans,
And my future now soars to new heights. 
I’ve given my life, my will, and my choice,
To my Father who loves me so pure.
Up to Heaven I’ll forever raise my voice,
With gratitude for this chance and help to endure.
I’ve done some hard things I never thought that I could,
Deny God’s great plans – I could never.
Gods hand and experiences have changed me for good, 
You can be who you want or become someone better.

Love you guys!  See you next week!!

Sister Rossignoli

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  • God blessed you..and he will continue to bless you for all your days. Forever grateful for your service..your Brother and friend..Obed.

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